Sunday, November 16, 2008

more ill too come

The Verbal Story Board for Merchants of ill Intro

"Paris is the epicenter for contemporary thinking and thus this idea has been birthed from remembering a small cafe in the Montmartre district of paris, france. The style would be "parisian pirate" circa 18th century. The characters are adorned with tight pants, possibly high socks, some groovy leather mid-rise boots and white loose fitting possible "poofy" shirts with frayed sleeves and strings to tie the shirt. Scarves are essential and top hats optional. Some carry wooden and bone pipes puffing clouds of smoke while others have metallic flasks and hand rolled cigarettes. Flowing gnarly pirate hair with bandanas would seal the deal with a parrot that flies out from under your hair because it happens to be the most pirate like of anyones. The general idea would be contemporary pirate with classic paris 18th century flare. Now in terms of one more addition what if the clothing color scheme was influenced by Richie Jackson... i envision paisley shirts and striped pants with ascots waving in the winds!
Now that the style is laid down imagine setting sail from france in a tricked out pirate ship with huge white sails, cannons and a gorgeous mermaid hanging from the bow guiding the crew towards the americas. The sea is riddled with animated sea creatures that pop up along the way like sharks dressed as cops and giant octopuses that look like crack heads along with other sea inspired monsters. There are jagged rocks and radical waves making the dark seas ever more dangerous. The ship lands in Brooklyn and the oily waters of the industrial port. The industrial influence is heavy overwhelming on the air as the ship approaches the land of towering oil tanks and skeleton warehouses with huge smoke stacks. The crew sets foot on the land poised to conquer the streets and shred anything in sight! Grimy, gritty and mysterious are the streets and alleys that the crew shall now call home. The parrot takes flight towards the "camera" or towards the screen and opens its beak to declare these streets in the name of the pirates; as the beak opens the words slither their way onto the screen... Merchants of Ill. A squak rings out crisp and clear and then a muddled and dirty shout is heard collectively from all the crews men as the music cuts in"
-Eric Degenhardt

Wizard Stick Font

epic pirate ship with cdrags as figure head